Modern and advanced warehouse
Simply Orange provides storage and inventory management to assist our clients in their capacity and delivery performance.

Our warehouse has over 100,000 square feet of space. Over 200 people are working day and night to offer the best service and security.

Benefit economically from the one-stop solution
By outsourcing warehouse space and its management, organizations can reduce their facility footprint, as well as the administrative, labor, real estate and equipment costs associated with it.
Why should i use outsourcing services for warehousing and distribution?
Outsourcing has many benefits including:

  • Frees up valuable production space.
  • It allows you to concentrate on your core discipline (product development, marketing, sales, etc.)
  • It reduces capital expenses (building, fixtures, equipment).
  • It allows you to only pay for the space and services used, thus in a cyclical economy, cash flow is easier to track and maintain.
  • It takes care of your shipping regulations. You no longer need to constantly track changes in regulatory and industry mandated guidelines (barcode label compliance issues, EDI requirements, interstate commerce regulations).